Postal mail? Seriously? Isn’t that dead?

Postal mail? Seriously? Isn’t that dead?

When companies talk about lead generation or lead nurturing, they almost always mean email.   But they shouldn’t be ignoring trusty old postal mail.  It is not dead and it is not antiquated and it shouldn’t be out of fashion.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider adding postal mailing to your demand generation arsenal:

  1. Competition is fiercer in the inbox than the mailbox.  So postal mail gets more attention particularly in business to business. It’s not as hard to break through the clutter when there isn’t as much.
  2. Response rates are usually much higher.   A good response rate to an email list is ½%   Well executed postal mail should bring in 2% or more.
  3. Face it – there are good prospects who just don’t read their email.  So you get responses from folks you normally don’t reach.  Using postal mail as part of an integrated marketing approach means you’re attacking from all fronts.
  4. There are a lot of good sources for lists on the market that don’t make email addresses available.   So use postal mail to test out virgin territory – and go for an opt in as part of the response.
  5. It’s not as expensive as you’d think, particularly considering the increased response rates.  Postal mailing lists are usually cheaper than email lists and you can print and mail for about $2 a piece.  Hint – one of the most effective formats is an old school #10 envelope with a letter, mailed with a stamp – really cheap to produce!
  6. Postal mail has a lot more response options than a click.   Your prospects can call, send in a BRE, or they can go to the web.  You can even offer a unique personalized individual URL.
  7. Postal mail is not as sensitive to time of receipt.  Email is perishable and if it arrives at the wrong time, it will likely get deleted right away.  Postal mail sits around a lot longer.
  8. Postal mail gets focus email doesn’t.  Most people go to their inbox intent on deleting anything they can.  But people save their postal mail to review during down time.   That means your piece will get focused attention while your prospect is on a plane, commuting or waiting for an appointment.
  9. Postal mail gives you new options for testing.  You can test the usual offer, list and creative, but you also get to test format options like type of postage (first class, stamps, indicia), self mailer versus full package, envelope teasers, etc.   Analyzing these results means you can execute more cost effectively each time.
  10. 10.  Postal mail is faster to produce than ever.  Print on demand technology provides flexibility and short lead times.   Testing is easy and you’re in the mail quickly.

So don’t ignore postal mail.  It’s not your grandmother’s communication and it’s not snail mail.   It’s effective, reliable and works.   If you need more hints – contact me!

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