Top 10 Tips for Landing Pages

Top 10 Tips for Landing Pages

Ah.  Landing pages.  One small part of demand generation, but a really important one.  In my experience, this is one of the easiest places for companies to get in big trouble.  Here are my hints for landing pages that work:

  1. Don’t buy into the “just ask for the email address” philosophy.  While it’s true that asking too much from a respondent will lower your conversion rate, if your goal is to provide leads to your sales team then you need to ask enough to make it happen.  Interested and qualified prospects happily give up a reasonable amount of information so get what you need.  Always ask for contact name, company name, email address and phone number.  If you need geographic information to route leads, ask for postal code or country/state as well.  If your product is only geared towards banks, ask industry.  If you only work with large companies, ask number of employees.   Don’t let the fear of losing a few leads paralyze your follow up efforts.
  2. But don’t go too far the other way.   From the busy customer’s standpoint, the landing page is a necessary evil they need to complete to get the content they’re excited about.  Start with the minimum from above and then test adding more questions to the page and track the conversion rate.  Pretty soon you’ll find your sweet spot.
  3. Even better, if you have marketing automation, use dynamic landing pages.  A dynamic landing page is one that is automatically manipulated for each unique visitor.  On the first visit, get your minimum.  If someone comes back to the site, you can ask a question or two more until you build quite a bit of data on each prospect.
  4. The graphics on landing pages make minimal difference in conversion.  Make sure the graphics reflect your brand and don’t take too long to load and call it done. I’ve seen clients hold up good campaigns for weeks to make the Mona Lisa of landing pages and that’s a mistake.  Put your efforts elsewhere.
  5. Ditto for bells and whistles like pop ups, animations and banners.  Skip them on the landing page to keep it simple.
  6. However, copy does make a difference.  A few short lines that remind your respondent why they want to download your content or register for your event do help.
  7. Make your thank you page count.  (This is the page that comes up after the prospect has submitted their information).   Set up your thank you page to confirm that the form went through AND something else.   How about a link to track their order if they bought something?   A link to put the webinar on their calendar?   Your customer testimonials?  This is the perfect place to put animations, infographics, videos, etc.
  8. Confirm accurate data before you give up the goods.  If the landing page is for content like a whitepaper, don’t post the PDF for download on the spot.  Email the content to the address they supplied so that you can validate you got a legitimate email address.
  9. Landing pages break.  A lot.  For a lot of reasons.  Test your pages religiously before you blast an email.  And once or twice a week, check all the landing pages that live on your site.    Spending that half hour once or twice a week will be well worth it.
  10. If you have marketing automation, take the time to figure out how to use all the functionality that your platform gives you.   New tools are coming all the time – try some out!

Still have questions?  I’ll take a peek at your landing pages for you.  Just send me a link at

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